Distribution of Single Dose Rifampicin as Pots Exposure Prophylaxis of Leprosy
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District Level Leprosy related Plan Formulation and Orientation Program held in Dhanusha
District Level Leprosy related Plan Formulation and Orientation Program held in Mahottari

About us

NLR Nepal is a non-profit, non-religious & non-political development organization working in Nepal for over 40 years. It promotes health, specifically in making the country free of leprosy and inclusion of persons affected by Leprosy by enhancing their ability.

NLR started its operation in Nepal in 1977. NLR is mainly involved in Leprosy, disabilities and inclusive development.  In addition to leprosy and disabilities, NLR Nepal has supported the Tuberculosis (TB) program of Nepal in Far Western region of the country from 1994 – 2013. NLR Nepal widened its area of support to Inclusive Development from 2010 onwards.

Our Impacts in Numbers

A world free of leprosy and exclusion due to disabilities


Index Case

Number of Index Cases Covered.


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Campaign Running

Number of Direct Contacts of New Patients given SDR.


Inclusive Development Program

Number of Municipalities with Matching Fund for Inclusive Development Program.

Three Zeros

Even today, leprosy causes disability and social exclusion. The disease affects millions of lives. The NLR Alliance developed three strategic programmes to work towards a leprosy-free world: Zero Transmission, Zero Disability, and Zero Exclusion

Ongoing Programs

Inclusive Development Program

Stop Transmission

LCP Support Project

Message from Executive Director

The New Beginnings at the NLR Nepal

Dear Partners, Friends, well-wishers, and Co-workers,

I am incredibly humbled and honoured to join the NLR Nepal as the new Executive Director. As I step into this role, I am acutely aware of the opportunities and challenges being faced by the communities we serve.

Across the nation, persons affected by the leprosy, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation has prevented them from realizing their full potentials – are struggling to get appropriate treatment, good jobs, gain access to health care or receive a quality education. And unfortunately, too many serving organizations are seeing significant increases in demand for vital services while facing a combination of challenges including restricted program funding, lack of liquidity, weak infrastructure and systems, overworked and a reliance of funding that does not cover full costs.

Himalaya Dev Sigdel
Country Director, Chairman


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