Zero Disability

Our disability-inclusive development initiatives aim to ensure that persons with disabilities, caused by leprosy and other diseases, can fully and actively participate in society on an equal basis.

Prevention of (further) disabilities (Inspire 2 Care Project)

Disability prevention is one of the project proposed in this context that covers prevention as well as prevention of further worsening of impairments. Disability itself is the result of interactions between impairment & environmental barriers which is clearly covered under the project disability inclusive development.

Maternal child health is priority program in every part of the world but due to ignorance & accessibility majorities of target groups and mainly vulnerable groups of people do not have equal access to such services in Nepal. That has resulted higher birth related impairments/disabilities with newly burn children. Health practices, immunization & nutrition are other areas, which has direct effect for the wellbeing as well as preventing measures for several diseases in future. Even for the disease like leprosy, BCG can play specific role for preventive measure. Hence, creating awareness for right holders in one hand and enhancement of accessibility with policy provisions for easy access to services are the major strategy of this project.

Disability prevention (Inspire2Care) is a project that focuses on prevention of birth related impairments/disabilities (by birth & during birth). This focuses on activities concerning improvement of maternal and child health i.e. promotion of registration of pregnancy in health institution, pregnancy care including nutrition, immunization and regular antenatal checkup, delivery planning and institutional delivery, awareness activities. This project emphasizes on identifying children with impairment/disabilities with their detail assessment and develop individual rehabilitation plan to provide intervention as per the plan for each child based on the individual assessment.

Disability prevention project focuses all reproductive age group but more focus will be put on persons affected by leprosy and persons with disabilities, this is because of the social contextual factors such as stigma related with leprosy and disability. Reducing birth related impairment is the main aim of this project but it is further associated with reducing different disease & impairments caused by such diseases due to BCG, nutritional status & or other courses of immunization coverages. Strengthening of PHC/ORC, birthing centers, capacity enhancement of health workers are the major activities to improve services providers whereas awareness rising & sensitization to community members to entertain the existing services is equally applicable to balancing the utilization of services.