Outcomes (2016-2020)

In 2016, one of the
Boundary Partners of NLR Nepal, Nepal National Social Welfare Association (NNSWA) was convinced to establish leprosy unit with the objective of leprosy prevention and recruited staff for the same
In early 2016, MoHP released a ministry level decision letter with approval for LPEP program (Pilot Project) on leprosy prevention and control in Nepal
In 2016, all stakeholders (I/NGO, CBO, GON, consumers group) of four Village Development Committees (Jante, Keroun, Baklauri & Baisebichawa) came to consensus for implementation of “our village the model village” and worked together with priority for planning & resources allocation
In 2016, all stakeholders (I/NGO, CBO, GON, consumers group) of four Village Development Committees (Jante, Keroun, Baklauri & Baisebichawa) formed VWASHCC and planned to promote comprehensive WASH in those areas
In 2017 MoHP/LCD, being influenced from LPEP piloting results, decided to expand LPEP in 9 other districts and then planned & allocated resources accordingly
In 2017 National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) together with its supporting organization Disabled Peoples’ Organizations of Denmark (DPOD), decided to design one project on OM/OH approach and took initiation accordingly with the technical input from NLR (as resources organization of OM/OH)
In 2017, Damien Foundation agreed to provide funding support to referral centre Seti Zonal Hospital (SZH)  and all the activities supported before by NLR Nepal were handed over
In 2018, Shree Singhadevi Secondary school in Kanepokhari Municipality became a model school with barrier free access for children with disabilities and ever since, children with disabilities are regular to the school
In January 2018, authorities of Laljhadi Rural Municipality of province 7 agreed and decided to allocate an amount of NPR 1,500,000.00 for the running fiscal year as a matching fund to implement NLR Nepal proposed DID model work.
In February 2018, 6 Municipalities of province 1 agreed to work together and allocated resources accordingly for the running fiscal year as a matching fund to implement NLR Nepal proposed DID model work in respective areas
In May 2018, two urban municipalities (Belaka & Gauriganga) decided to replicate “Support on the spot” program for the direct benefit of the community people in disaster conditions
In December 2018, Beldadi rural municipality decided to implement the NLR Nepal initiated Inclusive development program, conducted census for baseline data collection and recruited CBRF for full functioning of DID program
In June 2018, 5 Municipalities initiated to perform baseline of situation analysis to enhance Inclusive Development program in their areas
In October 2018, 7 out of 10 Model municipalities of inclusive development started the process of drafting municipalities profile with clear indication of their existing situations
In November 2018, Letang Municipality was convinced on the effectiveness of ID to make changes in their existing context and then recruited CBRF for proper execution of planned activities
In December 2018, Belaka, Kanpokhari, Guriganga and Kankai Municipalities decided to formulate a committee for disabilities ID cards distribution from local level as guided by policy
In August 2018, due to lack of proper health system in Belaka, maternal mortality rate is found drastically increasing more than the expected value
In 2018, 10 Rural/Urban Municipalities jointly decided to put higher effort on achieving the target of Model work Municipalities on DID and then made several decisions & strategies accordingly
In 2018, Belaka Municipality passed a bill on inclusive policy from the Municipality assembly to promote Inclusive Development
In 2018, Belaka Municipality passed a bill on to deduct the tax for disability friendly houses from the Municipality assembly to transform user friendly structures or to promote accessibility
in 2018, NFDN established provincial level committee to meet the changing structure of the country and formed a joint taskforce jointly with provincial government to advancement of DID work in province 1 of Nepal
In 2018, Belaka Municipality team decided two initiatives: shelter with accomodation & food for delivery in birthing centers & delivery ambulence services; to reduce maternal & child mortality