Disability inclusive relief & rehabilitation project

Disability inclusive relief & rehabilitation project (DIRR)

(August 2015-April 2017)

Background: During the year 2015 a devastating earthquake hit the country leaving behind thousands of casualties and deaths and converting the infrastructures and habitats into complete ruins. The project contributed towards more awareness and attention for persons with disabilities and their families in two districts. The project was jontly implemented by NLR Nepal and Karuna Foundation.

Urgent needs were immediately addressed. After the assessment, the project was provide medical services to persons with disability. A total of 263 family members received emergency shelter and provision of assistive devices eased the lives of persons with disabilities. Likewise, the persons with disability or their families were also benefitted from various income generating schemes through grants, cooperatives and kind replacements.

In addition to changes in the lives of individual persons with disabilities and their families, several other notable changes were observed in different categories or groups which have been involved in the project: service providers, rights holders (DPOs), partner organisations and the cooperatives. The partner organisations working with this project have started to consider disability as an aspect of future interventions. Various service providers (including the VDC Office, health institutions, Women’s office) have been sensitized on disability issues during the project.
In order to promote awareness and sensitivity to disability issues among aid organisations and service providers the NLR and KFN organized information sessions and developed an information leaflet on the specific needs of people with disabilities, which was launched at the Human Rights Summit in Kathmandu.
The indirect impact of the project has led to significant increase of the persons with disability (more than 90%) having the ID card in the project area which was below 40% before the implementation of the project. DPOs are established and recognised by the VDC. They played a role to allocate the budget for the disability sector by the VDC. The formation of DPO has given the message to sensitize on disability issues in the community.
After the immediate relief phase, a new project was implemented with financial support from SHO to aid in reconstruction and rehabilitation and support the Nepal Government’s “Health Sector Recovery Plan”. NLR worked for the rehabilitation of families with persons with disabilities in Gorkha, one of the earthquake hit districts. This project phased out in 2016 but some capacity development support to one of the Municipalities was provided until 2017. Within the project, NLR Nepal had signed MoU with MoH for a Health Post reconstruction in Mirkot VDC of Gorkha district so that the people including persons with disability of that area receive quality health care. After reconstruction, thehealth post was handed over to the District health Office, Gorkha.



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